Tot Creations!

Our tried and true popular loaded tater tot creations

Hott Mess Tots

Tater tots, topped w/ seasoned ground beef, bacon cheese sauce, chipotle lime crema & garnished w/ scallions


Buffalo Chicken Tots

Tater tots, topped w/ shredded buffalo chicken, buffalo sauce, ranch, lettuce, tomato and bleu cheese crumbles



Tater tots, topped w/ tzatziki sauce, gyro meat, feta cheese, sliced kalamata olives, tomato and garnished with oregano


Mexi Tots

Tater tots, topped w/ taco beef, lettuce, tomato, Shredded cheddar cheese, salsa & sour cream. Garnished w/tortilla strips


Dirty South

Tater tots topped with Mac & Cheese, grilled chicken breast, BBQ sauce and shredded cheddar


Steak N Tots

Tater tots topped with shaved ribeye, onion, white cheddar cheese sauce with your choice of veggies and sauce


Tots Poutine

Tater Tots topped with rich brown gravy, wisconsin cheese curds and garnished with scallions


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Only offered on the Food Truck!

Taco Salad

Mixed organic greens topped with taco beef, shredded cheddar cheese, diced tomato and tortilla strips. Served with a side of salsa and sour cream.


Buffalo Chicken Salad

Mixed organic greens topped with shredded buffalo chicken breast, diced tomatoes, bleu cheese crumbles, and croutons. Served with a side of homemade ranch


Steak Salad

Mixed Organic greens topped with shaved ribeye & tomato Choice of shredded cheddar OR blue cheese crumbles Comes with Ranch or Blue Cheese dressing


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Street Food

Sandwiches, Hott Dogs, Tacos, and other specialties from our mobile food truck…

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Shredded buffalo chicken, topped w/ ranch & bleu cheese crumbles. Served on a warm Amoroso roll.


Hott Chihuahua

Nathan’s all beef Hott Dog bacon wrapped and fried. Topped w/taco beef, salsa, chipotle lime crema, shredded cheddar cheese & garnished w/tortilla strips. Served on a regular bun OR a fresh pretzel roll


Bacon Wrapped Deep Fried Hott Dog

Nathan’s all beef Hott Dog wrapped in bacon and deep fried, topped w/ your choice of homemade sundried tomato relish & mustard Or bacon cheese sauce, onion and mustard. Served on a fresh pretzel roll


Tacos 2 for $6.00 / 3 for $8.00 / 4 for $10

Soft flour tortillas with taco beef topped OR Shredded buffalo chicken topped with lettuce, tomato, and shredded cheese, served with a side of sour cream and homemade salsa.

Chili Cheese Dog

Regular hott dog topped with chili, shredded cheese, and onion served on your choice of a regular or pretzel bun.



Shaved ribeye with white cheddar sauce served on a warm amoroso roll Optional- topped with lettuce and tomato


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Fried Cheese Curds

SM $6.00 LG $11.00

Sweet Corn Nuggets


Side of Tater Tots


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From our Cafe to your Kitchen



Chipotle Lime Crema




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